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Testimonials & Reviews

Paula Rabaey, professor St. Catherine University:
Banana Spanish School was one of my best experiences in Quito! Nancy and Arturo, made occupational therapy students from St. Catherine University feel welcome and comfortable. It was a great learning environment and I learned so much in three weeks! They were easy to work with and made learning spanish fun. My students commented that learning spanish enhanced their experience while in Ecuador.

I enjoyed my experience so much that I have continued Skype lessons to keep improving my spanish. I would recommend Banana Spanish school to individuals and groups to enhance your experience while in Quito, Ecuador! .

Richard Kidd:
As a retired 70 year old from England who recently emigrated to live permanently in Ecuador, I would like to strongly recommend Banana Language school to any other aspiring students of Spanish.
  1. The school caters for all ages of students
  2. The teachers are all very experienced and classes can be tailored to suit every individual's particular needs: what initial standard, hours of classes, one to one or in groups and over whatever period classes required.
  3. The school is situated in La Mariscal and within easy walking distance to most amenities, most importantly to hostels of known family houses.
  4. The owners will arrange the aforesaid accommodation on request and if required assistance on arrival at Mariscal Sucre airport.
  5. classes are also available to include a stay in the Selva in a lodge with classes to suit.
I never thought that learning to speak a foreign language could be such an enjoyable experience!

Dirk Lange, Germany:
From the first until the last Day I was totally satisfied with everything in Banana Spanish School. During my 8 weeks of Spanish classes, I learnt by well educated and experienced professors, Nanci and Wilmar, a super Spanish. I was very happy, because they adapt individual to every student without loosing their concept, cause that is very important when you like to learn or teach a language. Every time I could feel by myself and hear from other students, that the learning success of the students is very important for them. There were no day I did not laugh with my Professors and we build up a very good rapport. I was glad with my school every day. But that is not all, the Professores support you with everything and arrange beside super homestays contacts to everything which you need and offers you sometimes special Tours for weekends. Anytime I would return to Banana Spanish School and can recommend them by heart. Thanks for everything !!!

Doris, 28 years, Austria:
Two years ago I decided to go to Ecuador, to see the people and the culture, to do some volunteering and of course to learn spanish. When I left Austria I just was able to speak in a very basic level. In Quito I worked at Cenit (El Centro de la niña trabajadora; Centre of the working girl). At the beginning I nearly hate my work, because the lack of spanish. However soon I started a spanish class at "Banana spanish school" and the work at Cenit was getting better day by day. Suddenly I understood the children and they could also understand me!

I really liked "my" spanish school, the teachers, the atmosphere.... We always had a lot of fun there. The introduction was comprehensible and practiacal and the teachers had a big sense of humor!

Alexandra Müler, Germany:
In august 2007 I was studying spanish in the "Banana Spanish School" in Quito, Ecuador. It was great! The atmosphere is very friendly and all the teachers are professionals. They are all very helpful and intent on making one's stay as pleasant as possible, not only concerning the spanish language.

The activities they offer (cooking- and salsaclasses) are great fun! Back home I'm still cooking some of the recipes Narciza taught me.
I couldn't imagine a better place to learn spanish, especially because Ecuador is known for it's easily to understand spanish and it's beautiful landscape. The capital Quito is namend as world heritage site, so there's a lot to discover.

After having classes for a few weeks I was working as a voluntary with market-children in the south of Quito. If someone's interested in working as a voluntary aswell, the Banana-staff will gladly help with finding the right organisation.
All in all I would alsways come back and I'm really in favour with "Banana Spanish School" for giving me such a great time in Ecuador!

Annie Moers, Germany:
I attended the spanish-school banana in August and it was marvellous. I learned a lot and still had fun. I enjoyed working with the teachers and the material provided was comprehendible and good to study with. I will never forget this experience. Thank you so much for everything!

Heleen Masscho, Belgium:
Hi! I studied at the Banana Spanish School for almost 4 months. I would recommend this school to everybody. My teacher and all the other teachers are very friendly and open people. They are all very experienced in teaching and you certainly notice that. The classes take place in a pleasant atmosphere and the one to one courses make it possible to learn at your own tempo. It’s more like talking to a friend instead of to a teacher. I learned very much and I loved going here.

Rachel Abel:
"When I first arrived in Quito to do volunteer work I thought I wouldn't need Spanish classes since I had studied Spanish for years.  I quickly found, however, that speaking Spanish in Ecuador was about more than just grammar.  My teacher helped me improve my conversational skills, provided insights into Ecuadorian culture and helped me understand Ecuadorian Spanish, which often differed from the 'standard spanish' I had learned in school.  His easy manner put me at ease and I found him to be an extremely competent teacher who could explain things in a very straightforward and easy to understand way."


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