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Banana Spanish School offers internships in Ecuador for students and individuals. We have agreements with private institutions to allow participants to develop projects based on their needs and interests. This program promotes intercultural personal communication and provides the opportunity to develop complementary academic knowledge and practical skills in professional, linguistic and intercultural fields.

Areas Offered:
  • Education
  • Ecology Projects
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Tourism
  • Engineer
  • Law
  • Biology
  • Social work


After finishing their Spanish classes in our school many of our students like to stay in Ecuador for longer to work as a volunteer. With our volunteer work program students have the opportunity to work together with different communities and to practice and improve their Spanish at the same time.

The volunteers have the option to work in Quito in a kindergarten, with street children or disabled children. If the volunteers prefer they also can work in a national park, an organic farm, rescue stations for animals or work in natural protection organizations in different areas of the country.

We work together with different organizations that hire volunteers. As a volunteer looking for work you should always keep in mind that the majority of the organizations accepting volunteers for a short time require that they self finance their accommodation and supply including a little of donation for the organization.


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